Captain Jonathan Thomasson, born 19 Oate 14,225 On.D. is a Human ship captain, diplomat and Purifier of the Church of the Stars.

Early Life and EducationEdit

Born to Representative Andreas and Ombuds Jaclyn (nee Radason) Thomasson on 19 Oate 14,225 On.D., on the Letet-class world Toknaidma, Jonathan was groomed for a life of public service on his homeworld.

While attending Flicity Primary Academy, Thomasson showed a nearly preternatural aptitude for leadership and excelled in both academics and interpersonal relationships across several social spectrums. It was determined by the Headmistress and agreed by his parents that Thomasson would proceed to Fleet Secondary Training for officer training rather than attending Flicity Secondary Academy for further instruction in diplomacy and social sciences.

Tours of DutyEdit

Upon graduation from FST, Thomasson was immediately appointed to his first commision as Commander aboard the superheavy dreadnought PSS Traitor's Execution under Captain Miram Jadeson and began training as a Purifier. After completing Purifier Initial Training aboard the Traitor's Execution, Thommason proceeded directly to his first full captaincy and was assigned the medium strike cruiser PSS Sacrifice Wind. From 1 Oirutt 14,242 On.D. until 22 Yifrid 14,244 On.D. Thomasson served as Captain of the Sacrifice Wind with distinction during multiple skirmishes with the Agents and their allies and earned the Meritorious Service Medallion with 4 ranks.

After a short period of bereavement (25 Yifrid 14,244 On.D. through 2 Fobessar 14,244 On.D.) to mourn the loss of his family to a suicide bombing on Toknaidma, Thomasson registered immediately for Out-system Service. On 15 Fobessar, after mandatory evaluation, Thomasson qualified with excellence for command of the medium strike cruiser XHS Lost Day and was assigned a crew of 190 for immediate dispatch "Across the Heart" on a 10 year tour.

The Lost Day suffered heavy damage in transition, but did not break up and received underway repairs one ship-week by rendezvous with heavy tender XHS Stalker's Savior.

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