Brother Joshua Haverson, born 900/275/Law, was a Human diplomat, Paladin of Barnatim, Paladin of Ilfandra Dalerunner and first Executive Officer of the Bright Star.

Currently he serves in an extended capacity as First Archon In Ordinary to Ilfandra Dalerunner and Ambassador In Ordinary to the Seven Mounting Heavens of Celestia.

Early Life and EducationEdit

Born Lexei Smithson to Jonathan Smithson and Mariah (Née Saxten), in Leyton-on-Hesh, Pasyd, Haverson was chosen by the hamlet's resident Barnatim cleric at the age of 5 and sent to the Ordocar Monastery for consideration as a Page.

At the age of 12, Smithson followed Ordocar protocol and officially changed his name. Taking the name of the Human Patron, Joshua Lawchild for his first name, the surname Haverson was given him by his mentor - Wilhelm Haverson, the Head of the Order of Ordocar. By the age of 16, Joshua Haverson had taken the full vows of the Ordocar Order and was assigned as Squire to Jenri Hornbeard and travelled with his Lord-Knight to the capital at Fawdant for training.

Over the course of the next 2 years, Haverson quickly earned the respect of his peers and superiors by negotiating several mutually beneficial trade arrangements among the various churches of Fawdant. His prestige continued to build as his martial prowess was tested during the Drow raid of Fawdant in 290 Law, single-handedly defending the Great Library against nearly one hundred marauders while reinforcements were en route. It was this action that earned him his spurs and the title of Knight of the Ordocar.

Travels as an Ordocar KnightEdit

In the years directly proceeding Haverson's ordination, he travelled extensively over all three continents. His first year abroad saw service on the warship Blackhand with the Barnatim anti-piracy fleet. His unique and rather unconventional mounted boarding style led his crew and superiors to dub him the Dark Rider.

As piracy grew to be less of a concern in the wake of coordinated eradication efforts, Haverson retired with honors from the crew of the Blackhand on 532/293/Law and began to pursue a less martial and more diplomatic path. The period from 293 Law through 300 Law Haverson spent performing rainforest outreach work among the Elves of the Twilight Archipelago, primarily serving as a field medic and missionary though also seeing some duty as a diplomatic envoy. It was during this period that his first warhorse, Solace, was lost in action during a tribal skirmish when caught in the crossfire between Drow marauders and Elven defenders. The battle turned and Haverson and the defenders were routed.

For the next year, Haverson enjoyed the hospitality of the Drow chieftain, Aladari Moonliar as a prisoner of war. For the term of his captivity, he served hard labor duty and was bound by geas not to escape. Liberation came in the form of his erstwhile mentor, Jenri Hornbeard as the elder Paladin negotiated and paid a ransom to the tribe in recompense for war crimes commited by the Elves of Ellislanr.