Joshua Lawchild, also called: First Man, Oathspawn and Stormbringer. Joshua Lawchild is the Patron of Humans of Tinris.

Doctrinal OverviewEdit

Born out of the Law of Patronage, Joshua is said to simultaneously be The First Human, and the Manfather. For His first act as a new God, He laid claim to the waters - tame and wild – of Tinris, and has thus sometimes called to mediate between Hafesh and the Dalerunner in their aspects as Earth and Sky. With the passing of the Dalerunner, this role is called into question until such time as a successor can be found.

Joshua’s rituals and ceremonies often take the form of a good-natured argument among the faithful. It is through these clashes of personality that leaders are selected for Human communities, marriages are officiated, grievances settled and many other daily rituals and goings-on happen. Ceremonial raiments for a cleric of the Lawchild is a half cloak of pristine white draped over the left shoulder, usually held in place by the cleric’s holy symbol in the form of a brooch.

Joshua is a Chaotic Good Lesser Deity. His portfolio includes, but is not limited to: Humans, revolutionaries, freedom fighters, as well as philosophers. Domains: Chaos, Good, Liberation, Water. His holy symbol is a raindrop and he favors an unarmed strike over martial or simple weapons.

Prayers, oaths and expletives invoking Joshua Lawchild follow no set form, each follower being encouraged to show their respect or derision in their own unique manner. Nonetheless, the influence of Humanity’s forebears has had its effect, and such invocations are often marginally less prosaic than the invocations of a Barnatím. “From the loins of the Lawgiver to the life of the Lawchild, all things follow the order of disorder.” “The storms of life follow no path, know no boundaries and affect each of us uniquely.” “Proke!” Ed: This last is included to show the vulgarity of some Humans, as well as for my own amusement. The word itself is short for ‘procreate’, and is similar to the common Halfling word ‘fuck’.

Joshua’s avatar is a Human male of indeterminate age who walks Tinris wearing the trappings of a scholar. While He may appear to be mortal, He is always distinguishable as divine by the soft white aura that surrounds Him.

Joshua Lawchild's Herald Messenger is His former high priestess Mariel Nona, elevated during the opening years of the Era of Collapse.

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