Kafa Goh was an Orcish diplomat, civil engineer and Second Admiral of the Tinris World Navy.

Early Life and EducationEdit

Kafa Goh was born on 950/6,185/Collapse to Paraskev and Gamila (nee Aracelis) Goh. As was typical of the Era of Collapse, Kafa was an only child. Educated exclusively at home by her parents, her father a circuit judge and mother a historian, Kafa gained an appreciation for unattainable goals at a very early age. By the age of 27, with the Era of Sunrise gaining momentum quickly, Kafa entered public service directly by attaching herself to the Ilfandrazenaren church - the first non-Halfling to do so since the Era of Law.

Her reputation for compassion tempered with efficiency rapidly endeared her to her associates, peers and subordinates and so it was that on 562/08/Sunrise that she was appointed to the position of Head Chairperson of the newly formed Tinris Wildspace Affairs Office (T.W.A.O.). Within one year's time, the T.W.A.O. reformed under the aegis of the Tinris World Navy with Kafa Goh taking her place in history as Second Admiral of the Fleet.

Under the strong guidance of Admiral Goh, the renewed World Navy began an ambitious program of returning to Wildspace. Ships were laid down beginning on 1/10/Sunrise and the spark of industry kindled by this program caught fire across the planet. Shipyards dormant for millenia stirred to life and plans believed lost to the ages were rediscovered on a nearly monthly basis.

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