The Law of Divine Manifestation and Intervention, most commonly the Law of Divine Manifestation allows provisions for the direct appearance of and contact and interaction with deities within Tinrisspace.


The Law of Divine Manifestation and Intervention is doctrinally considered one of the first Tinrisian World Laws.

Sponsored by Hafesh Greenbeard during the pre-historic Convocation of Patrons, this Law outlines the conditions by which a deity :

  • May manifest within Tinrisspace.
  • May entreat members of a pantheon for membership within said pantheon.
  • May interact with mortals of Tinris, both those directly within the deity's purview and those outside of same.
  • May provide divine spellcasting ability.
  • May grant miracles.
  • May negotiate with outside powers to allow ingress and egress to and from Tinrisspace.
  • May establish residence for an avatar or other divine manifestation.

Other provisions exist, though most fall outside the scope of this document.