The Lusmerir System (Lusmerir System/Troasbai Subsector/Looartro Sector/Riaoshlaria Galaxy/Perseus Cluster) is the cultural, and supposed racial, home system for the Yazri people.

System CompositionEdit

The Lusmerir System is composed of a total of 4 planets, 1 dwarf planet and two major asteroid belts orbiting a Selsytad class star. Their distances from Sohses - the system's star - are Trokam (31,102,830km to 47,220,140km), Tisendai Main Belt (48,002,315km to 49,502,780km) Phin'kaai (51,911,180 to 104,192,100km), Lusmerir (201,004,140km to 214,424,900km), Varnatis (210,108,950km to 351,927,500km) Les'topaik (417,742,800km to 490,882,730km) and the Er'ryldai Outer Belt (503,820,900km to 604,910,200km).

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