Magus Ascendant, or more fully, Magus Ascendant: Transcending Mortality, is the title of a book written by the would-be goddess of magic, Arvana Sanys during the Era of Lore.


Written as an apotheotic work and being the sum total of the final century of the life of Arvana Sanys, Magus Ascendant is considered by many to be a complete myth. It is only known as fact by the accountings of several members of the crew of the Bright Star, though many such tales conflict and are thus considered apocryphal. It is currently believed to be within the safe-keeping of one of the Tinrisian deities, though the name of this deity has been lost to history.

Form and FunctionEdit

As an apocryphal artifact, what follows is mostly drawn from mixed-authenticity historical documents and second-hand stories from members of the crew of the Bright Star committed to record many years after the fact. What is known as certainty at this time follows here.

  • The tome was easily the size of several large wooden tables, and was housed within the library of the Tower of Arvana Sanys;
  • It rested in a living construct of wood and vines which responded to a set of spoken command words;
  • The covers, bindings and pages were made of a material completely unknown to those who looked upon it;
  • Its length, along with a marginal note in the early pages of the tome, indicate that its proper reading would require at least one uninterrupted year (Tinris Old Calendar);
  • At the end of this time, it is believed that a person capable of casting arcane magical spells would be elevated to divinity, the knowledge contained within its pages being imbued with the necessary spark.


Magus Ascendant has long been the subject of myth and legend, especially among wizards, sorcerers and other arcane will workers. Its functionality, apotheosis, is one of those treasures that prove very difficult to resist even for those of decidedly potent will. The theories below represent a mere fraction of the accumulated mythology surrounding this text.

  • The tome contains a bound extraplanar creature, possibly several;
  • The tome can only be read by direct descendants of Arvana Sanys herself;
  • Perusal of the work will result in one's utter damnation and immediate transport to one of several of the Lower Planes;
  • Magus Ascendant wasn't written by Arvana at all, but rather by Eleduna Darkbringer or some other greater power;
  • The book isn't completely a physical object but a projection from the Plane of Shadow;
  • The tome has gone missing and has not been seen since the Era of Law, despite multiple attempts to breach the Tower.

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