Makati Wahari, also called: Patient Watcher, Island-in-the-Stream, All-Seer and Panopticon. Makati Wahari is the Planar Deity of Time.

Doctrinal OverviewEdit

Invited to Tinris’ pantheon by Barnatím, She is the least understood – and arguably most powerful – of the Planar Deities. Additionally, She is arguably the first Planar Deity. Given responsibility to maintain the integrity of causality and temporal homeostasis within the sphere of Tinris space, Patient Watcher is an enigma. From Her demesne on the Demiplane of Time, She maintains vigilant observation, only intervening directly when such intervention is absolutely essential. While it is rare for a deity to take as their purview such disparate elements as Earth and Water, it is easy for any follower of Makati Wahari to reconcile this simply by pointing to the natural process of erosion as proof of their Goddesses work. “All things”, they do not hesitate to remind, “work best when in balance.”

Followers of Makati Wahari are very rare, as knowledge of this deity's existence - let alone Her influence - is a closely guarded secret. Many are highly skilled arcane magic users, though a handful of clerics are called to serve as well. In addition to these, however, are the earth crafters and world shapers who honor the Island-in-the-Stream for her position as a deity of earth. During the gathering of Makati Wahari’s faithful, raiments are comprised of long and flowing brown robes trimmed in silver. High priests and priestesses wear a heavy silver circlet with an open eye made of rare gems set at the brow to signify their rank within the flock.

Furthermore, it should be mentioned that there is a small and highly organized cult in undying devotion to the All-Seer. These cultists do not openly follow Her, but they do Her bidding with unquestioned loyalty. They are the Children of the Hourglass, and it is their divinely charged responsibility to aid their Goddess in maintaining causality and the integrity of Tinrisian space-time. Ed: My one, and thankfully only, encounter with the Children was at the dawn of the Era of Legends. That moment is etched indelibly into my mind , as being suddenly accosted and pulled from space-time and with no warning geased to never again tamper with causality on pain of death is not something to be taken lightly.

Makati Wahari is a Lawful Neutral Greater Deity, dwelling on the Demiplane of Time. Makati Wahari’s portfolio includes, but is not limited to: Archmagi, miners, earthworkers and sailors. Domains: Weather, Law, Earth, Water and Magic. Her holy symbol is an hourglass and Her favored weapon the kukri.

Prayers, oaths and expletives inv0king Makati Wahari call upon the imagery of Her chosen elements: “Within the mountains you will find Makati Wahari’s patience.” “The waters of time flow past the Island-in-the-Stream, let them bathe you in comfort.” “In the Watcher’s name, history itself excise you.”

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