Minrytede, also called Clear Thinker, Insightful One, Red Queen, the Divine Tactician. Minrytede is the Planar Deity of Strategy.

Doctrinal OverviewEdit

A boon companion and sometimes lover of Jator Sotil, the Insightful One is the matron deity of thoughtful action, both in battle and in peace. From Her demiplanar residence – a demiplane known simply as The Board – She watches over the generals, admirals and battle leaders of Tinris as often as she watches those who engage in games of strategy and reason. Those few chosen who have returned from their deity’s realm claim that it contains aspects of every known tactical game they had ever known and a number that defy description. One or two such returners have brought with them the rules for a novel game as a gift from the Divine Tactician.

Followers of Minrytede are often seen working with the great military minds of the world, whispering the quiet insight of their Goddess and knowing that it will be weighed carefully. Most commonly, a devotee of the Divine Tactician will be a Cleric, though there are a great number of Rangers and Rogues in Her service. Martial followers often do not wear vestments per se, instead choosing to either openly wear a holy symbol or simply ensure that their gear is in Her colors – vermilion and silver, sometimes on a black background.

Ceremonies to the Clear Thinker most often take the form of great councils and meetings of minds, with all who wish to attend welcome – regardless of race or creed – so long as active hostilities do not prevent such a gathering. The hierarchy of the Church is a meritocracy, based in part on performance in battle and equally based on one’s performance during a test of what the faithful call “games theory”.

Minrytede is a True Neutral Major Deity, and as previously mentioned She has claimed residence on the demiplane known simply as The Board. Minrytede’s portfolio includes, but is not limited to: Generals, tacticians, architects and gamers. Domains: Knowledge, War, Protection and Trickery. Her holy symbol is a red chess queen and Her favored weapon is guisarme.

Prayers, oaths and expletives invoking Minrytede often involve imagery of games or battles: “Checkmate” “Tesuji!”

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