The Monastery of the Howling Gale is a historic building, still in use as a functional training monastery. It is also the home of the current Master of Winter, one of the most senior martial artists on Tinris.


The name of the monastery is derived from its unique architecture. More specifically, it is derived from the insets of the exterior walls which channel wind throughout the structure and create a unique sound. Most people training within the monastery come to find this sound soothing, and reports of acclimation difficulty to life outside the monastery are normally attributed to the lack of this sound.


Many thousand years ago - during the height of the Era of Legends - the Monastery of the Howling Gale was built on a mountaintop overlooking the Vale of Imchary, a site holy to the Barnatím faith. It was in this valley and the pass leading from it to the Mountain Road and thereafter directly to Fawdant that the martyr Imchary was killed while singlehandedly attempting to drive off an overwhelming number of drow. With his dying breath, Imchary brought down the wrath of the Lawbringer and drove the foul creatures back into their caves beneath the Daragas Range.

In the millenia of its service, the monastery has undergone very few changes to structure but great changes to its purpose. Originally it served as a training monastery with a heavy focus on defense against a future incursion of the dark elves. The monks remained vigilant well into the Era of Lore, though with the passage of time the probability of another attack by the drow became less and less likely.

As the Era of Lore drew on, the purpose of the monastery changed to one of diplomacy and trade, situated as it was on the primary pass to the capital of Fawdant. While a class of monks always remained active and in training as before, the focus of training became one of showmanship and meditation rather than actual combat.

During the Era of Decline, while the monastery did remain active for trade, the Halfling's Great War took a heavy toll. Enrollment in the monastery reached an all-time low and training focused primarily on negotiations between feuding trade clans. As Pasy

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