Mozdanhorzon was a Dwarven diplomat, adventurer and flag officer of the Tinris World Navy. He served as Admiral of the Fleet (O-9) for the Tinris World Navy as well as being Commanding Officer of the Bright class vessel WNS Bright Star and the capital ship WNS Arcadia's Revenge during the period referred to as the War of the Void.

Historical InformationEdit

Mozdanhorzon is known to be a non-native Dwarf, his birth, early life and adventures remain a mystery to Tinrisian scholars. He first arrived during the latter years of the Era of Law aboard the Scion Ship Bright Star, having been recruited by that vessel to represent Tinris in Wildspace and to usher in a new golden age of spelljamming. It is known that the Bright Star encountered Mozdanhorzon on the planet Tharkastyra within Spirespace and invited him and his companions (Initially an exile from Mechanus named G0-03-52-e8-c5-f0 and the human boy, Ismek Vanegas) aboard. En route to Tinris, the Bright Star paused for recharge at Greyspace, resulting in the addition of Gnimish Uvalnoniz to the now burgeoning crew.

Upon passing the Crystal Sphere into Tinrisspace, one of the fundamental Laws governing the world was shattered by a Gnome's presence within the sphere, allowing creatures of Faerie to return after several millenia of exile. Quid Pro Quo, a pixie Oracle in service to the Elven Patron Tovar Moondragon subsequently joined the crew and hijacked the ship's command long enough to affect the orbit of Drariso, resulting in the liberation of The Moondragon.