Naval Joint Command, often abbreviated NJC, refers to the combined command and flag staffs of the Tinris World Navy and the Persean Concord Navy as they operate in tandem throughout their respective continuums.


Arising out of a need for cooperation and coordination, Naval Joint Command is what many call a marriage of convenience. While there are significant differences between World Navy operations and Concord Navy operations, the need to work together led to the formation of the NJC in the closing days of 1,524 Promise (Tinris calendar) / 14,257 On.D. (Persean calendar).

With full backing of all offices of the Admiralty of the Tinris World Navy and a multilateral effort on the part of the Persean Concord Navy, the Concord Convocation and the Church of the Stars, the newly formed Naval Joint Command was officially put into operation on 1/0/Concord at the same time that the World Navy and the sovereign governments of Tinris adopted the new Standard Wildspace Reckoning calendar.

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