An image of the Twilight Archipelago's northern islands

The Noble Elven State of T'lassas - colloquially the Aquatic Feudalism, or informally as the Nest, this region includes T'lassas Arcology, T'bomiex Arcology and the Twilight Archipelago.


The government of the Noble Elven State of T'lassas, as with most governments of Tinris, is a unique work in progress. It is the only government to have returned to a pre-Collapse structure. Specifically, it is a theocratic feudal state.

As of 1/102/Promise, the Patron Moondragon Themself holds position as Most High Theocrat of the Noble Elven State of T'lassas In Ordinary. As a Patron, Moondragon often serves as figurehead for the government and with the duties inherent to divinity abstains in favor of the current High Theocrat In Extraordinary, Imlassion Lithvir.

Lords and Ladies of T'lassas are all chosen by divine mandate from Moondragon Themselves. These gentry choose their vassals primarily by merit and all others form the serfdom.


As the least populous native race on Tinris, the Elves of T'lassas have cycled through most forms of modern government over the course of the post-Hegemony Eras with little traction. Under the banner of feudalism, the members of the Moondragon clergy were at last able to provide structure that prevented infighting and allowed the Elves to present a unified government.

As the embers of Hegemony died, the power vacuum left in the wake of the Dwarven rule led to the first of a series of bloody civil wars amongst Elvenkind. The first of these, the Firstborn War, started as a result of the powergrab by a set of triplets who took it upon themselves to establish a new revolutionary government.