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The Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) is the intelligence gathering and analysis arm of the Tinris World Navy operating under the military oversight of Admiral Richard Maeleachlainn of the Tinris World Navy and the civilian oversight of a panel from each of the sovereign nations that contribute personnel.


Founded under the Joint Defense and Military Resources Act of 100 Reunification, the Office of Naval Intelligence was found to be 'indispensable, necessary and justified' by a joint session of the Admiralty of the Tinris World Navy, a gathering of representatives from each sovereign nation and a full convocation of both Patron and Planar pantheons.

Mission and Scope of OperationsEdit

The mission of the Office of Naval Intelligence is to gather, analyze, prioritize and distribute intelligence gathered from off-world sources. Where necessary, intelligence from other intelligence organizations is integrated with that gathered by the Office of Naval Intelligence. Operations conducted within Tinrisspace must proceed through proper channels where possible and must be reported back to the Office of Naval Intelligence Oversight Commission (ONIOC).


The Office of Naval Intelligence has undergone multiple changes to its hierarchy, with its divisions arrayed in the following manner as of 1,206 Promise.

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