The Oloun Calendar is the most widely used calendar system within the Perseus Cluster. Its period of 365 Standard Days is alleged to be based upon the orbital rotation period of the apocryphal Human homeworld, Sol Prime and the subequent orbital period of its satellite, Luna.


A month is a variable, and arguably archaic, subdivision of a Standard Year. It refers to a variable number of days set by the aforementioned orbital rotation of Sol Prime's satellite Luna. As the orbital period is believed to have been irregular, a certain liberty was taken and each month was standardized. These months and their duration are:

  1. Josiara (28 Standard Days)
  2. Peblua (31 Standard Days)
  3. Tivich (31 Standard Days)
  4. Yifrid (30 Standard Days)
  5. Moeos (31 Standard Days)
  6. Ayanay (30 Standard Days)
  7. Jite (30 Standard Days)
  8. Oirutt (31 Standard Days)
  9. Wipcetti (30 Standard Days)
  10. Fobessar (31 Standard Days)
  11. Oate (31 Standard Days)
  12. Pecasbew (31 Standard Days)

Written FormatEdit

Under the Oloun calendar, a specific date can be referenced in one of three conventional manners. Either by its numerical date within a year, followed by the year (e.g. 323/14,220), less commonly unstroked by date of the month, then the name of that month, then followed by the year 12 Oate 14,220. and least commonly stroked by the date of the month, followed by the name of that month and then followed by the year (e.g. 12/Oate/14,220).

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