Persean Concord Navy Operating Order 01, more commonly Operating Order 01 and sometimes abbreviated OO-01 refers to a unilateral Operating Order incorporated into the Uniform Code of Operations (UCO) for the Persean Concord Navy and all affiliated services thereof. It refers to the primary doctrine that all Agents of the Void, their thralls or anyone suspected of Agency must be terminated immediately upon detection and provides a standard course of dispute in the event that the application of the Operating Order was not properly authorized or carried out.


Upon first contact with Agents of the Void during the 13,000 Galactic Survey of the Jandrian Galaxy, it became clear that conventional operational doctrine had proven and would continue to prove ineffective against Agents and Agency. A new doctrine, the Uniform Code of Operations, was required. As Agency continued to spread throughout the Perseus Cluster, the urgency for these directives became more and more clear. Thus, during the First Concord Convocation, the UCO was passed into law. First among its directives, for reasons that the Convocation believed self-evident, was Persean Concord Navy Operating Order 01.

Relevant TranscriptionEdit

On this day, the 210th day of the 13,004th year Ono Diciny, we the gathered Concord Convocation of the Perseus Galactic Cluster do hereby pass into law these Operating Orders under the auspices of the Uniform Code of Operations.

Operating Order 01 - Wherein all representatives, soldiers and persons duly authorized to act on behalf of the Persean Concord Navy are thus charged to seek out, combat and dispatch Agents of the Void, their thralls, and all traces of Agency with the due diligence required to rid the Perseus Galactic Cluster of their threat.

In the event that a clear and present representation of Agency can not be confirmed, authorized individuals are charged to report suspicion of Agents or Agency to a higher echelon of their duly appointed chain of command, any member of the Church of the Stars and most specifically to any duly recognized Purifier of said organization.

In the absence of proper authorization or personnel authorized to make such an order, the individual may take it upon themselves, in good faith, to act for the betterment of all sentient life throughout the Perseus Galactic Cluster to destroy with whatever means are at their disposal the Agent and to prevent the spread of Agency.

Individuals acting in such a manner must then immediately submit to full evaluation at the soonest possible opportunity to ensure the mental health and stability of themself and others who may be affected by their actions. Failure to abide by this subsection of Operating Order 01 may be considered treason and thus may result in disciplinary action up to, and inclusive of, summary execution.

All subsequent Orders of this Uniform Code of Operations must first comply to actions and responsibilities taken as a result of Operating Order 01, as the safety and sanctity of life within the Perseus Galactic Cluster must prevail no matter the cost.

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