The Noble Order of the Knights of the Ordocar, colloquially the Ordocar Order is a paramilitary organization formed to uphold the principles of honor, service and stewardship which have been passed down from a pre-Collapse order of paladins. The term refers both to the historic and modern incarnations of the same Order. In the modern era, the Ordocar Order are also recognized as one of the Uniformed Services of Tinris.


Founded during the Era of Decline as the Ordocar Irregulars to supplement and reinforce the Fawdant Highguard during the Fourth Drow Incursion and the Halfling's Great War, the Ordocar Order is one of the longest standing chivalrous orders of Tinris and its oldest paramilitary force. The Ordocar Irregulars was originally a loose fellowship of cavaliers, paladins and their support staff. With success in both diplomacy and warfare, the group quickly found themselves gaining momentum and a deeper support structure, as well as numerous agreements with local governments. Upon routing their opponents during the Fifth Drow Incursion, a land grant was arranged by the Barnatim faithful and Ordocar Keep was laid down during the closing years of the Era of Decline.

Despite an open recruiting policy, it soon became clear that as time continued that the composition of the Order had steadily drifted towards a more paladin-exclusive membership. It was shortly after this observation that a group of paladins returning from a massively successful campaign against a white dragon holdfast and were turned away after failing basic protocols. This group would go on to become the Ordocar Heretics, a group of blackguards dedicated to the downfall of their noble brethern. This emnity escalated to the Heretic's Uprising, a brutal massacre which was only stopped by the direct intervention of both Barnatim Lawbringer and Jator Solil. The Heretics were cast down and their remains buried in a heavily warded crypt, the Iron Crypt of the Blackguards. For centuries, it was believed that these remains were left undisturbed. In actuality, an unknown malevolent force had crept through the wards and woken the Heretics as powerful undead. In the early summer of 302/Law, the Heretics marched against the Ordocar Cloister once more. It was only through the timely arrival of Mozdanhorzon and the Ordocar paladin Brother Joshua Haverson that the Second Ordocar Uprising was quashed and the Heretics returned to their final rest.

The Modern Ordocar OrderEdit

The Ordocar Order in the modern era

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