General InformationEdit

Pasyd, meaning “Land of the Night Sun” is a climatically stable island continent occupying the area around the world’s southern pole. Due to the orbital tendencies of the world, Pasyd receives most of its light from the dwarf star, Tesulild. Pasyd’s climate is less impacted by season, though the several months of Adris' light that it receives does greatly benefit the continent's ability to produce food.

Despite, or perhaps because of these facts, Pasyd nonetheless has a paradisical value resulting from geothermal hotsprings, around which the Orcish people have built what settlements exist. Weather on Pasyd changes very little from month to month, though it is rare for snow to fall while Adris is dominant in the sky. Snowstorms, while very common, are fairly mild due to the jetstream trends. The short Pasydan summers are the principle growing period for green plants, while the remainder of the year represents a growth period for the plethora of mushrooms, lichen and white plants that the natives have learned to grow with magical assistance. For this reason, Druids and other natural magic workers are both plentiful and highly respected.

Pre-fall InformationEdit

In the time before the Era of Collapse, most Pasydan settlements were tight-knit and clan based. Originally of primarily Orcish population, the advent of the Law of Man brought with it sweeping changes.

The primary settlements of pre-Collapse Pasyd were: Fawdant (with its attached, dormant spaceport), Ordocar Valley, Weldtaln, Tilendern and Secaltawis.

Communication over distance was achieved by the Pasydan Bell System, a networked group of magical bells designed to transmit basic information across the continent. Travel was limited, though caravans were common during the brief summer.

Post-fall InformationEdit

In the time since the Era of Collapse, Pasyd has suffered greatly but also shown the formidable power of the Orcish and Human spirit. With the brunt of the Endrain falling on Pasyd, the continent's infrastructure was demolished nearly overnight. Sufficient lingering dweomer existed to drive a minimal rescue effort, at which point it was determined that the few remaining World Navy ships would evacuate Fawdant where possible. Only a few hundred escaped in this fashion, though many more survived and began a long march northwest to the Ordocar Valley - whereupon they founded New Fawdant.

In the years following, population regrowth was slow but steady.