The scientific field of Artificial Intelligence, as it exists in the Perseus Cluster, has provided great advancements to the Persean people tempered with massive tragedy. First undertaken with the full backing of the Yazri Empire in 9,754 On.D. as an endeavor to allow better tactical analysis and calculation through the creation of more contextually intelligent computers, the field expanded rapidly in the span of a very few years. Previous to the first instantiation of a true AI on 350/9,801 On.D., the ancillary field of Simulated Intelligence (previously considered the pinnacle of computing technology) saw exponential growth.


First researched by Goycifre Saybytse of the Yazri Imperial Research College, the history of Artificial Intelligence within the Perseus Cluster to Imperial Edict 1901 - an imperative to the scientists of the Yazri Empire to expand upon the extant fields of computing to provide a more capable non-biological intelligence than the Simulated Intelligences which had come before. To this point, the primary limitation of computing was and always had been the ability to comprehend context, large-scale tactical operations and the nuances of language.

With aid from the senior faculty of the Research College, Saybytse was able to delve further into the phenomena of biological cognition and thus to progress rapidly. History recognizes that the first steps towards creation of Artificial Intelligence were actually steps to creating a non-standard biological one. To this end, she began to selectively uplift clones in an effort to better understand cognition.

Within the space of ten years, the project had gained enough momentum and experienced sufficient breakthroughs that true Artificial Intelligence seemed not only possible, but highly probable. Research changed from non-standard biological intelligence after several major milestones were passed. The primary medium for these prospective intelligences, however, remained pseudo-organic due to the practical superiority of that format as opposed to purely circuit based.

On 350/9,801 On.D., the final breakthrough led to the instantiation (the process by which an intelligence realizes that it is an 'instance of self') of Tauontuh-A49. Tauontuh-A49 was initially tested at what would soon be recognized as L1 Artificial Intelligence, though the inherent nature of its programming revealed the true self-improvement capability that would be the hallmark of higher ranking AI's.

Within one Standard Year, Tauontuh-A49 was joined by four 'sibling' units and the decision was made to implent a full production run of three AI's for shakedown testing aboard vessels of the Yazri Imperial Navy. Miouwson-A11 was assigned to the carrier YIS Glorybound, Souaclot-A17 was assigned to the system defense cruiser YIS Predestination, Mauywrot-A82 was assigned to the superheavy battleship YIS Engagement's Victor and Tayedned-B01 was assigned to the ultralight scout YIS Foregone Conclusion.

As these shakedowns showed rapid tactical growth and unanticipated return on investment, the full backing of the Empire was placed on Saybytse's team and funding was granted for a full production run with the intent of outfitting all Imperial Navy vessels with a shipboard AI.

With the current ban on AI resulting from the Runaway Thought Virus and its attendant widespread loss of life, all Artificial Intelligence research, development and implementation has been declared treason and carries a penalty of summary execution. Any AI found operating within the Cluster is to be destroyed on discovery, with all backups recursively destroyed as well.

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