The Perseus Galactic Cluster, more commonly the Perseus Cluster is the Galactic Standard name for a tightly grouped cluster of 190 galaxies. It encompasses over 300 million light years and contains 397 known inhabited solar systems.


While the true origin of the Human word for the Perseus Cluster is highly disputed, some Yazri scholars have put forth the idea that the name is derived from a constellation in the night sky of a long-lost Human homeworld. The Yazri word, transliterated phonetically is Ashiaya Pauarmut, meaning Scattered Souls.


The history of the Perseus Cluster is normally broken into three seperate eras. These are referred to predominantly by their Yazri nomenclature. They are: Tiausbat (Empire), Heiallar (Conquest), Cayornif (Concord)

The NoteEdit

The Caldwell Galaxy has long been known as the source of the universe's deepest perceptible note, a radio frequency transmission originating from the expansion of relativistic stellar mass as it is pulled into the supermassive 11 Octi black hole at the galactic core of the Caldwell galaxy.

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