The Perseus Concord Convocation, often abbreviated PCC, is the central governing body for the Perseus Galactic Cluster. It is composed of duly appointed, elected or otherwise recognized members of 943 solar systems within Concord Space and an honorary delegation from the recently contacted continuum called Tinrisian Known Space. As of 15,248 On.D. there are a total of 10,912 delegates.


In the years leading up to the dissolution of the Yazri Empire, a widely distributed meme for representative government began to build. Recognizing that the end of the Imperial style of government was drawing nigh regardless of any actions possible, Imperatrix Noaintess officially dissolved the Empire on 112/13,220 On.D. (112/24,722 Y.I.Y.) The transitional government, the Perseus Concord Congress was formed on that same day and began work immediately on a permanent form of government.

While the transitional government was highly effective and resulted in the addition of an additional 65 member worlds which had been in active resistance to Yazri Imperial rule, it was very short-lived - both by design and necessity. With active hostilities becoming apparent in the Anthaonete System (Anthaonete System/Bruso Subsector/Iteta Sector/Jandrian Galaxy/Perseus Cluster)

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