The Distance Communications Phonetic Spelling Alphabet, abbreviated DCSA or shortened phonetic alphabet is a communications system by which each letter of the Galactic Standard alphabet is assigned a one or two syllable word to facilitate communications over channels which may suffer from distortion or interference.


The DCSA arose from a consolidation of military practices during the transitional period following the dissolution of the Yazri Empire and its attendant military services. The previous phonetic spelling alphabet was part of the Yazri Imperial Communications Standard and was found unsuitable for multi-species use for a variety of reasons. The current phonetic alphabet enjoys its status as standard as it remains flexible enough for use by all Concord races.

Current FormatEdit

As might be expected with a multi-species entity like the Persean Concord Navy, unified communication requires flexibility. Some races physiological needs are incompatible with others, and it is for this reason that each letter within Galactic Standard has two seperate phonetics associated.

A - Ablow (uh-BLO) / Apex (APE-ex)

B - Bastle (BAS-tel) / Barbate (BAR-bayt)

C - Caple (CAPE-el) / Calcar (CAL-cahr)

D - Deek (DEEK) / Drail (DRAY-el)

E - Elide (EE-lied) / Ectype (ECK-type)

F - Fain (FAYNE)

G - Garret (GAR-et)

H - Harrier (HAIR-yer)

I - Inly (in-LEE)

J - Jander (JAN-der)

K - Kop (KAHP)

L - Limit (LIMB-et)

M - Marry (MARE-ee)

N - Nesh (NEESH)

O - Oblate (OH-blate)

P - Pace (PAYCE)

Q - Quat (KWAT)

R - Rack (RACK)

S - Sable (SAY-bel)

T - Telary (TELL-ree)

U - Uvid (YOU-vid)

V - Vice (VICE)

W - Wisket (WIS-ket)

X - Xeric (ZER-ick)

Y - Yuke (YOUK)

Z - Zygon (ZAI-gone)

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