The Progression of Admiralty refers to the Tinris World Navy tradition of enumerating holders of the position Admiral of the Fleet.


By tradition, the position of Admiral of the Fleet is given to either the most senior member of the Admiralty or to a duly appointed member of same. The origin of the tradition itself appears to be retroactive continuity of sorts, having arisen by declaration by Admiral of the Fleet Kafa Goh in her commencement address to the first graduating class of the Tinris World Navy Officer Training College:

"It is with great honor that I release you to your duties as officers of the reborn Tinris World Navy. On this day, we all take our place in history. Not as the first to reach out from the ground, but as those who returned to the sky even after its collapse. To dare to rise up from the ground which holds us as close as any mother. To embrace the rich history of spacefaring that gave our beloved Tinris her people so long ago. To follow the course outlined by the First Admiral of this World Navy, Mozdanhorzon. While he was himself an immigrant, he rekindled the desire that makes Tinris great. The desire to travel between worlds, no matter the danger and to spread the light of our world with others. I am overjoyed to be the Second Admiral of this World Navy. Not because I can not chart my own course, but because I know that what is out there is worth the effort. From Here, We Fly!"

Official Enumeration of ProgressionEdit

Since the above beginning of the tradition, the Progression of Admiralty has taken the following course:

  1. First Admiral of the Fleet Mozdanhorzon (301/Law to 303/Law, returned to service 1,523/Promise to 1/Concord);
  2. Second Admiral of the Fleet Kafa Goh (16/Sunrise to 21/Reunification);
  3. Third Admiral of the Fleet Haraldur Kunala (21/Reunification to 101/Reunification);
  4. Fourth Admiral of the Fleet Kelbur Starlift (101/Reunification to 612/Reunification);
  5. Fifth Admiral of the Fleet Herilim Anderton (612/Reunification to 649/Reunification);
  6. Sixth Admiral of the Fleet Belgar Juro (649/Reunification to 701/Reunification);
  7. Seventh Admiral of the Fleet Pyris Tealeaf (701/Reunification to 115/Hegemony);
  8. Eigth Admiral of the Fleet

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