Purifier is the Human common nomenclature for a member of the Church of the Stars who has sworn allegiance to the Church and has dedicated themselves to opposing the forces of the Void wherever they are found.


The origins of the Purifier are the origins of the Church of the Stars, as the Church are considered the foremost authority on matters relating to what many now refer to as The Note. It is from this mystery cult cum galactic religion that the belief in The Note and its subsequent manifestations first originated.

Supposed MethodologyEdit

It is believed that a Purifier is granted their supernatural ability to detect and combat Agents of the Void by attuning their minds and bodies to the Note. By focusing their considerable resources of willpower on this phenomenon and bearing their personal blade, the tohar shelahl as a badge of office as much as a melee weapon a Purifier is able to sense the presence of the inhabiting force which renders a creature into an Agent. Pushing this focused willpower along the blade of their tohar shelahl allows them to channel a substantial amount of a heretofore unknown energy into their opponent in such a way as to interfere with the energies which allow an Agent to remain embodied in their host. As a Purifier's ability to access and focus greater reserves of willpower grows, so to does their ability to inflict harm upon an Agent.

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