Ralaht IX is the sole inhabited planet in the Ralaht System (Ralaht System/D'ahac Subsector/Zemetrian Sector/Pe'aa Galaxy/Perseus Cluster). It is a Tanges-class world with a population of 23,150,852 as of first contact in 14,260 On.D. It is the first world explored under Naval Joint Command operations, with a blended team of Concord and Known Space explorers.

First ContactEdit

First contact was handled by the crew of JNS Feline's Demise, lead ship of the Inquiry Class, the first superheavy exploration and science vessel designed for heretofore impossible long-range exploration and built with magineering sensibilities. Commanding Officer Captain Daerto Starkeep of the Tinris World Navy and his first officer, Commander Paulina Saka of the Persean Concord Navy, were directly responsible for first contact under the newly refined Joint Navy Contact And Confirmation Guidelines.

Native Sophont LifeEdit

In what many Perseans consider strange and what many Wildspacers consider normal, the dominant life on Ralaht IX would appear to be an offshoot of humanity - self-identifying by the demonym Lanott. Skin color matches Wildspace Standard Human designations, and full biomedical reviews have revealed a completely unique genetic origin, while proving that the Lanott were pureblood humans.

Native SocietyEdit

Lanott society at time of first contact was in the latter stages of recovery from a pandemic viral infection. The predominant governmental style was feudal and there was no sign of a global governmental body. Tribal factions were also common, with regional warfare common.

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