Captain Serena Kaisa was a Human military officer, intelligence agent and diplomat. She is most famously remembered for her long and dedicated service as a member of the command staff of the Scion Ship WNS Bright Star, though she also saw significant duty aboard WNS Arcadia's Revenge and was the CO of that ship at the time of her death and its destruction.

Early Life and EducationEdit

Serena Kaisa was born to Metrodora (nee Sanaz) and Irenaeus Kaisa in the Tenigo Carisar Arcology.

Military ServiceEdit

While much of Kaisa's military service record is considered highly classified, her assignment to and service with the crew of WNS Bright Star is a matter of public record.

At the request of Admiral of the Fleet Mozdanhorzon, in the days directly following his return to Tinris after an absence of over 20,000 Tinrisian years, a request was made for a cultural and military liason. As a career officer in the Office of Naval Intelligence, Captain Kaisa was offered the position without consideration of other candidates at the personal appointment of Admiral Richard Maeleachlainn.

In the subsequent months, Kaisa went on to serve with distinction and honor in the face of adversity, and has been awarded over forty seperate posthumous recognitions by no less than ten sovereign governments.

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