Colonel Sheba Kuklophemus was a medusa oracle, Tinris Wildspace Marine Corps officer, and a member of the command staff for WNS Bright Star and WNS Arcadia's Revenge. She died in the Battle of Nexspace when a nuclear device was detonated aboard WNS Bright Star, which went down all hands on board.

Background InformationEdit

One of a pair of beings rescued by Mozdanhorzon and the crew of the Bright Star during a raid on the Abyss to recover the kidnapped incarna of Ilfandra Dalerunner in 303/Law. While little more is known about her extended background, anecdotal evidence suggests that her age rivals that of Admiral of the Fleet Mozdanhorzon at something in excess of two millenia. Since her induction into the crew of WNS Bright Star, she has proven a valuable member of the crew, being the first recipient of the World Navy rank Major soon after traveling to the Era of Promise. While her rank remained that of Major, her assignment soon became one more closely aligned with the Tinris Wildspace Marine Corps and a subsequent roster transfer completed this. She has been field promoted to Colonel, effective 1,524/Promise.


Almost nothing is known of the creature who calls herself Sheba Kuklophemus prior to her captivity in the Abyss. She claims to be a fifth generation descendant of the original Medusa, and thus a sixth generation descendant of the winged horse Pegasus. At the time that she was enslaved in the Abyss, her slave owner shorn her head of snakes and blinded her for an extended period, perhaps centuries. It is believed that during this period of darkness Sheba found the power within her to call upon mythic forces and see that which cannot otherwise be seen. In the time since her rescue it has been speculated that perhaps as a consequence of such a long time living as a possession and animal in the deeps of the Abyss robbed her of much of her memories and identity, only beginning to recover them months after her freedom was returned to her. Colonel Kuklophemus died on 235/14,258 On.D. aboard the Scion ship Bright Star during the Battle of Nexspace.


Amongst her kin, she claims the Chimera as sister, and Typhon and Echidna as grandparents (by way of Chrysaor). If true, even on a symbolic level, this would suggest that, on her home prime, she claims the Leanean Hydra (killed by Herakles) as matrilineal.


Sheba appears to practice some variety of the Elusenian Mysteries (indeed, at least once she has claimed to have brought them to "the lands of Romulus"). She has only been pressed, once, and then claimed to honor Ceto (whom she also claims as an ancestor, called Krataiis, first of the Phorcycles line), and Demeter, (aand Hades, Aphrodite, and Hekate to lesser extents). She claims to call upon "deeper magics" than her fellow spellcasters, frequently citing mythic threads and various foundational principles of the multiverse. She has incorporated certain "modern rites" into her routine, at one point calling on the Dalerunner as embodying the same aspect(s) as Demeter. Nonetheless, she insists that legend is a vibrant, living concept, and that it holds to rules unknown to the modern era. Her insistance that sacrifice would be required to overcome the rising tide of Agency would appear to have been sated with the death and subsequent return of Mozdonhorzon but the subsequent demise of Ilfandra Dalerunner would be an equally valid interpretation. Perhaps the greatest evidence for the truth of her stated background and beliefs would appear to be in the tacit acknowledgement of her rites and pedigree by Mozdanhorzon himself. She has stated on more than one occasion to not care "for Zeus or any of His bastards."

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