Siaysivaym, commonly referred to as Squeaks, are symmetrical bipedal ochotonidae native to the Algesh-class world, Rifomah (Les Nala System/Leher Subsector/Taylor Sector/Caldwell Galaxy/Perseus Cluster). They completed Human Uplift Protocols officially on 250/13,311 and entered Sponsored Concord Citizenship at that time. Per Concord policy, Lifespan Concord Citizenship has been granted to all members of this race as of 211/13,975 at the completion of 100 generations under Sponsorship.

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game StatisticsEdit

Siaysivaym (pronounced SHAY-siv-aim) are purple anthropomorphic ochotonidae (Pika) native to the Algesh-class world Rifomah. Owing to their physical size and evolutionary background, Squeaks tend to be high-strung and rather nervous by nature. Secondary to this, they are also very independent - owing perhaps to their evolutionary forebears tendency towards diaspora for survival. Like their distant evolutionary relatives the Caiototoit, they have a strong reproductive imperative but have similarly achieved a measure of overcoming this biological upon completion of uplift. Given the race’s tendency to leave the literal and figurative nest immediately upon reaching sufficient physical independence, Siaysivaym are given to a tendency for exploration and travel based vocations and lifestyles. This is less driven by curiosity and more by something akin to a racial survival wanderlust. Native to Rifomah, Siaysivaym tend to be nocturnal given the world’s distinct lack of nocturnal predators. Squeaks are the first race known to the Cluster to exhibit the phenomenon known as Race Memory, an ability to remember things on an individual level that did not happen to the individual. No explanation has been forthcoming, though most scientists studying the phenomenon hypothesize that it is actually a genetically encoded form of memory which evolved to ensure species survival (i.e. Squeaks recognize a predator if anyone within their genetic line has experienced predation and survived to produce offspring)

Physical Description: Squeaks top out at approximately 90cm in height and average approximately 30kg in weight. Their thin fur tends toward the darker shades of purple, allowing them to blend into the lower grasses of the savannas that their forebears roamed on Rifomah. Lighter shades have become more common since the uplift completed and the race scattered into the Cluster. They otherwise strongly resemble small rodents, though the weight distribution and certain other traits clearly mark them as ochotonine rather than rodentine, this distinction is lost on many who are not intimately familiar with xenobiology or Boosts. As with their distant lepine cousins, Squeaks are very sensitive to intense light and often wear darkly tinted glasses or goggles, with goggles being generally preferred due to facial structure and aesthetic concerns.

Society: Siaysivaym society is something of a misnomer. Upon achieving physical maturity, a young Squeak is strongly urged to depart the company of his or her parents. This has equal components of alpha parent issues (i.e. the parent viewing the child as a sexual competitor for their partner’s attentions) and survival mechanic (i.e. the impact of predation can be greatly reduced by having fewer Squeaks in the same area). With spacefaring Squeaks occupying worlds throughout the Cluster, the one true societal norm that has held is that of the ‘long greeting’. A Siaysivaym, upon first encountering another of its kind will habitually begin sniffing at specific pheromone heavy points on the other’s body. As each Squeak receives a large portion of their genetic makeup from their parents, each has a unique scent-print that ensures proper genetic diversity and species perpetuation so long as this basic ‘greeting’ is observed prior to any possible procreation. At a societal level, Squeaks are very egalitarian, recognizing that both males and females contribute to the race’s survival. Unlike the great majority of Boosts, they do not hold any particular faith nor do they believe their uplift Sponsors superior merely for the act of uplift. Squeaks value the individual and their achievements first, being both quick to judge and slow to forget.

Relations: Siaysivaym live among other races in the Cluster much as they always have lived among the fauna of their homeworld. Inconspicuously. By blending with their surroundings, both physically and culturally, Squeaks survive in the proverbial ductwork of the Perseus Cluster. When working within Cluster society, however, members of this race get along with remarkable facility with nearly every race. At their basic level, they attempt to be everything for everyone, and usually succeed.

Allegiances: Siaysivaym are loyal primarily to themselves first, though not at a racial level. Survival is the key driving force and allegiances are forged and melted down in this most primal crucible.

Heroic Siaysivaym: Heroes among the Siaysivaym are those who achieve greatness on a personal level. Most do so by self-aggrandizing means, though a rare few find their greatness with the assistance or company of others. As regards vocations, many find themselves at the frontiers of either the Cluster or their chosen field and more often than not both. In short, Squeaks find themselves in every field from science to exploration and every field between.

Siaysivaym Racial Traits: +2 Dexterity, +2 Wisdom, +2 Intelligence, -2 Constitution, -2 Strength: Siaysivaym are fast of both body and mind and through their Race Memory are able to access vast amounts of wisdom, though they sacrifice greatly in the field of physical endurance and strength.

Small: Siaysivaym are Small creatures and gain a +1 size bonus to their Defense, +1 size bonus on attack rolls, a -1 penalty to their Combat Maneuver Bonus and Combat Maneuver Defense, and a +4 size bonus on Stealth checks.

Normal Speed: Despite their Small size, Siaysivaym are able to move at 30’ per round due to both metabolic and physiological advantages.

Darkvision: Siaysivaym can see in the dark up to 60 feet.

Keen Senses: Siaysivaym receive a +2 racial bonus to Perception skill checks.

Race Memory: Race Memory provides a Siaysivaym the following benefits and drawbacks. Siaysivaym consider all Knowledge skills class skills, no matter their starting career, class or advanced class; Siaysivaym commonly develop phobias or other forms of psychological disorders relating to their homeworld’s predators or other triggers arising from Race Memory. Specific manifestations should be discussed between the player of a Siaysivaym and the GM; Once per day, a Siaysivaym may take 20 on any Knowledge skill check as a swift action, though doing so requires a DC 15 Will Save. Failure of this saving throw results in the Siaysivaym being mentally stunned (as the condition) for 1d4 rounds;

Weaknesses: Light sensitivity

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