Sodalkas Redpalm, also called God Assassin, the Lesser Evil and Death of Souls is the Tinrisian Planar deity of assassination, murder and contracts.

Doctrinal OverviewEdit

Sodalkas Redpalm, as one of the newest deities to Tinris, has demonstrated a distinct lack of dogma when compared to the existing pantheons. Many of his followers are upstanding members of society, though they can come from all walks of life. While it might seem strange for a god of assassins to be openly worshipped and legally sanctioned, it is simply a matter of World Law that all deities receive equal opportunity for worship.

In addition to the most immediately apparent aspect of the deity's portfolio, Sodalkas is also considered the preeminent deity of contracts and contract law. It is believed that this section of the God Assassin's authority was given him by Barnatim Lawbringer, though no cleric or representative of the Voidshaper's church has been able to confirm or deny this. Nonetheless, as a lawful deity with this purview, Sodalkas has been likened to several of Hell's Dukes. Diabolists who have entreated their sources for further information on this possibile similarity have also been unable to confirm or deny any possible Infernal origin.

To further distinguish from other deities of assassination, Sodalkas' doctrine includes a massive community sentiment. A not-insignificant number of His faithful, even those engaged in the trade of murder for hire, consider their work to be for the greater good of the community they serve. By excising, surgically, negative elements of society society itself is allowed to better prosper. This aspect of the god is often named the Lesser Evil, and is easily the most widely known and accepted.

Sodalkas Redpalm is a Lawful Evil Intermediate Deity. His portfolio includes, but is not limited to: Assassins, mercenaries, traders and construction workers. Domains: Death, Law, Repose, Community. Sodalkas' holy symbol is the splayed six-fingered palm - usually represented in ruby or crimson lacquered metal, and His favored weapon is the scimitar.


Very little is concretely known about the history of Sodalkas, save that his first known miracle was the murder of Anadrizenaren, the Dawntime Wanderer. Previously thought not only unaging but truly immortal, Anadrizenaren's death shook the foundations of the historical and academic communities which depended upon his breadth of experience and knowledge. Within a single day, His avatar appeared at the Great Library bearing Anadrizenaren's latest chronicle. This book was left with the Chief Curator, who later claimed that the person who tendered it was a young human man who apologized tearfully for the necessity of Anadrizenaren's death. Shortly after this, faithful bearing his banner - a crimson, six fingered hand, fingers splayed, upon a gray background trimmed in crimson - became known throughout every major settlement of Tinris.

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