A Step Gate, most commonly referred to as either S-Gate or merely Step, refers to the most primitive form of intergalactic transportation within the Perseus Cluster. Technologically, the Step Gate was the direct predecessor to the Relay Gate and the direct successor to conventional subluminal travel.

Origin and HistoryEdit

Step Gates represent the first Yazri scientific exploration of intergalactic transportation that bore reproducible results. An extension of the Imperial Expansion Doctrine of Imperatrix Baierir, the first Step Gate was an unstable, yet reproducible wormhole connecting the Lusmerir System (Lusmerir System/Troasbai Subsector/Looartro Sector/Riaoshlaria Galaxy/Perseus Cluster) (the historical heart of the Yazri Empire) and the previously uncharted Leszocoir System (Leszocoir System/Valdurir Subsector/Bilaam Sector/Almnatuk Galaxy/Perseus Cluster) some 1.1 million LY distant. As the Gate closed behind the First Noble Expeditionary Fleet, cutting off supply lines and communication with Imperial Command, the explorers are recorded as showing a remarkable resilience in the face of adversity.

The Third Noble Expeditionary Fleet, upon reestablishing contact with their predecessors some forty years later after retuning the Aperture successfully, were recorded as being both grateful and pleasantly surprised that the First Noble Expeditionary Fleet had not only survived their unintentional abandonment but thrived on a nearby Marai-class world which they had dubbed Leszocoir Prime. The stabilization of the Aperture allowed easy access to the resources of the Almnatuk Galaxy and became the literal stepping stone onto the path of true intergalactic civilization for the Yazri people.

From the success of this first stable intergalactic gate - promptly dubbed Step Gate to reference its ability to allow a traveler to 'step through' to another galaxy - an immediate increase in both finance and manpower was applied to further refinements, ancillary technology and corollary technology. It is from advances made in Step Gate technology that Relay Gate technology directly derives.

Theoretical ExplicationEdit

The basic theory behind a Step Gate also serves to define not only its purpose but its scope. A Step Gate is any Gate which uses an artificial Aperture to access an naturally existing stable wormhole and provide transit from one end to the other. It is this stability that allows the application to be reproduced and thus useful. Later stabilization of the existing natural portion of the connection results in what scientists have dubbed Improved Step Gates, or more commonly IS Gates.

Underlying this and all corollary technology is the applied exploitation of the phenomena known as wormholes. These tunnels through the underpinnings of the universe have many hypothetical explanations, though none have been definitively proven using basic scientific methodology.

Cultural RepercussionsEdit

With the advent of reproducible intergalactic travel which, even in in its infancy, allowed access to the resources of worlds previously unknown and unexploited, Step Gates allowed a rapid expansion across the Perseus Cluster under the banner of the Yazri Empire. First contact events began to occur on an increasingly regular basis, and each new contact represented another opportunity to spread the Yazri way of life. Arguably, it was this exponential spread across the Cluster that began the shift in culture from a passive stance (Vicilicit Imperial Philosophy) in the galactic role of the Empire to a more active one (Trerht Imperial Philsophy).

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