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Tinris Wiki

Welcome to the Tinris WikiEdit

In operation since 30Nov10, Tinris Wiki has been a collaborative worldbuilding experience for players and game masters in the Tinris campaign. This wiki is written primarily from an in-universe, semi-historical perspective. Opinions are those of the historian of record and should be taken as such.

Last updated 9Aug12.

Purpose and Source InformationEdit

This wiki is intended for tracking and collaboration of public and semi-public Tinris worldbuilding.

Tinris is a homebrew campaign world for the d20 gaming system, specifically Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, Dungeons and Dragons 3.x, d20 Modern, and several other rules sets. Open Game License information can be found here.

I would also like to take this opportunity to state, on the record, that prior to today (Sunday, 29 September 2013) I had not played nor otherwise been aware of any similarities with the story, plot or other elements of the Final Fantasy XIV storyline.

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