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The Tinris World Navy Home Office (colloquially referred to as: the Home Defense Fleet, Homeguard, Tinris High Guard, or just Home Office) is the station posting of the Tinris World Navy with direct responsibility for the safety and protection of Tinrisspace system defense.


In the first years the Era of Sunrise, the Tinris World Navy saw a resurgence of popular opinion among the people's of Tinris with the successful return to Wildspace of Second Admiral Kafa Goh. Within the span of a decade, the Admiralty convened to determine how best to handle any future threats to Tinrisspace on the level of the Ender's Rain that ushered in the Era of Collapse. Thus was born the Tinris World Navy Home Office.


Shortly after its inception, the Home Office faced its first challenge. Mounting a successful campaign to rebuild the World Navy to a point where it could sustain itself. Through careful negotiation with the Arcane, a basic fleet was assembled to provide system defense for Tinris itself.

The Era of Reunification saw great strides for both the World Navy and the Home Office. Ships were being built in ever increasing numbers and construction of Fawdant Up spaceport was proceeding apace. The concept of a system defense force no longer seemed impossible, but was becoming a reality.

The Era of Hegemony saw a steady decrease in World Navy popularity until a press was made by the Hegemony to incorporate the Home Office as a subsidiary of Barllukdenr Holdings Inc. Home Office's first engagement saw suborned Merchant Marine vessels flying the BHI logo attempting to blockade non-affiliated shipping lanes. Only through the direct intervention of the Arcane was the besieged World Navy able to break the blockade and win out over the Hegemonists.

On the heels of the Barllukdenr siege, however, came the opening exchanges of the Third Inhuman War. The major powers of Wildspace soon found themselves embroiled in what most consider the most devastating conflict to ever occur in Arcane Space. The Tinris World Navy joined in with fervor while the Home Office ensured that the battles never reached Tinris itself. For the next one hundred twenty two years, all efforts were focused on that single task. This task was successful, and earned this posting the moniker Tinris High Guard.

During the Era of Ascension, Home Office came under fire again. This time from Tealeaf Industries Incorporated ships following the pattern laid out by their Barllukdenr predecessors. With a full year spent in campaign against TII and resources dwindling, Home Office reinforced first from Greatspace and then from Krynnspace as both worlds responded per previous treaties outlined during the Third Inhuman War. With the Tealeaf Rebellion put down under the direct command of one of the Second Ascended as Admiral of the Fleet, the Era of Ascension saw another resurgence in the popularity of Home Office.

In the years of the Era of Prophecy, Home Office maintained a rather careful watch in regards to certain prophesied events and when such became manifest met each with the efficiency which carries the men and women of this post into the current Era.

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