The Tinris World Navy Officer Training College, abbreviated TWNOTC or just OTC is the training center for all Tinris World Navy officers, providing basic instruction, undergraduate and graduate level courses for initial as well as continuing education.

Mission StatementEdit

The mission of the Tinris World Navy Officer Training College is arguably one of its most stable attributes, having been set down by its founder, Second Admiral Kafa Goh and unchanged in the subsequent millenia. It is from this mission statement that the World Navy's unofficial motto ("From Here, We Fly") is drawn.

"The Tinris World Navy Officer Training College will provide the highest quality of instruction in the skills required to represent Tinris at home and in all of the places - dark and light - where her children may be found. This institution will lead the best of us into the place from which our forebears came and demonstrate to all who we meet that Tinris produces the finest minds and spirits in all of Known Space.

From here, we enkindle those who serve Tinris and help them to reach their full potential.

From here, we lead the way into the greatest adventure.

From here, we go where Tinris needs us to go.

From Here, We Fly."


The Tinris World Navy Officer Training College was founded during the Second Admiralty era of the Tinris World Navy, by personal order of Second Admiral Kafa Goh in 20/Sunrise. The first graduating class consisted of Admiral Goh herself and thirty other students. Since its foundation, the TWNOTC has only closed its doors twice - the first during the Hegemony Riots, the second during the Seer's Plague. Neither of these closures delayed the graduation of the affected class.

Curriculum OverviewEdit

The Tinris World Navy Officer Training College, in common with most Tinrisian universities and colleges, is a two year term for undergraduate work and a four year term for those seeking graduate degrees.

Two Year ProgramEdit

Often called "Fast Track", the Two Year Program at TWNOTC is one of the most dynamic and arduous scholastic endeavors a candidate can undertake. Included in the Two Year Program are the following mandatory courses:

  • Wildspace physical conditioning - frequently called "Climb and Fall" or just CAF - is where a candidate is taken aboard a fast courier to the Phlogiston and undergoes 20 days of extravehicular activity, gravity plane training and basic daily training for living aboard a spelljamming vessel.
  • Leadership service - dubbed "Downside Up" - is where a candidate is mandated to work at customer facing vocation outside the College within one of the Arcologies. This teaches both service and humility, candidates failing to score well at a post-service survey must repeat the exercise or wash out.
  • Active Hostilities Simulation - normally abbreviated A.H.S. or more commonly just "Action Stations" - is always performed during a random period of the cadet's second year and is done as a company exercise. Active Hostilities Simulation, as may be expected from the name, is a simulation of actual combat conditions. All cadet uniforms are enchanted in such a way that illusion magics are inherently irresistible and all cadets are taken forcibly from their racks in the middle of the night and then endure between 45 and 65 hours of uninterrupted simulated combat in a command position.


As might be expected from any institution which has survived the passage of so many millenia, the TWNOTC has accrued a significant number of traditions, ranging from the banal to the truly eclectic. Those gathered here are a sample and are not intended to represent the entire range and scope.

Admiral's ClassEdit

See the article Admiral's Class for further information.

Upon achievement of the rank of Admiral, an incoming Admiral must return to the OTC for a full year term, during which time they are considered Admiral Cadet and listed in the class rolls as third year cadets. While this is considered a formality, failure to complete Admiral's Class with a passing grade is considered at best an ill omen and at worst grounds for immediate demotion to Captain for further evaluation. Cadets within the same class as an incoming Admiral are expected to treat the Admiral Cadet identically to other classmates and preferential treatment is absolutely forbidden.

Rations WeekEdit

See the article Rations Week for further information.

During a cadet's first week at TWNOTC, it is traditional for second year (and sometimes third year) cadets to patrol the cadet mess and ensure that first year cadets do not eat anything other than ship's rations despite having been served such by the staff.

Three F BunkdownEdit

See the article Three F Bunkdown for further information.

During any examination week, it is considered traditional for any cadet who considers themself at risk of washing out to board the museum ship WNS Final Fond Farewell - the spelljammer which brought the Patrons to Tinris before the Era of Dawntime - and spend the night aboard. It is believed that anyone who actually is able to remain asleep for a full night's rest will successfully complete the critical examination and thus continue their career.

Despite the endurance of this tradition, it must be noted here that this directly violates nearly twenty college regulations ranging in severity from the infraction 'violation of curfew' through to immediate dismissal for 'vandalism of a Dawntime relic' Many of the faculty are willing to overlook these regulations during the week of examinations, though this is handled on a case-by-case basis.

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