Trerht Imperial Philsophy refers to the philosophy which is historically considered the more 'active' or 'tyrannical' when contasted with Vicilicit Imperial Philosophy.


Trerht (TRAY-rickt), from Traditional Yazri < Treyeerisht "Firm and Structured Teaching"

Basic TenetsEdit

The philosophy of Trerht, applied to goverance, roughly approximate what Human culture calls Authoritarian Dictatorship or perhaps Fascism. It encompasses the immutable concepts of Firm Guidance, Uplifting and Sponsorship.

Cultural RepercussionsEdit

  • Humanity - Often referred to by Humans as the "Spur and bridle" philosophy, Humanity under Trerht Imperial rule frequently chafed at the restrictions to personal freedom and individual expression.
  • Boosts - The response of Boosts to Trerht Imperial rule was as varied as Boosts themselves. In general, while a certain sense of indebted gratitude was found within most Boost races, this gratitude gave way to a sense of entrapment in more than 75% of Boosts within one century of their uplifting.
  • Weren - Being of a more physical than philosophical nature would seem to have proven a benefit in the mindset of the Weren people under Trerht Imperial rule. The lack of advanced methods of thought allowed them to serve without question and a deeply seated sense of gratitude pervaded the racial mindset as they were lifted to the stars and given a purpose - service within the Yazri Imperial Marines.
  • T'sa - As one of the very first races discovered within the Perseus Cluster after the Empire transitioned from Vicilicit to Trerht rule, the T'sa have always represented one of the more vocal opponents to Trerht Imperial rule.

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