Ugozte Zidan, also called: Anathema, The Unmaker, and Civilization’s Bane. Ugozte is the Planar Deity of Destruction.

Doctrinal OverviewEdit

In the Dawntime, it was Anathema who hurled Drariso into Tinrisspace with the intention of ending Ilfandra’s apotheotic project in its infancy. When this did not prove sufficient, He simply took form and walked among the races of Tinris spreading disharmony in His wake. It is commonly thought that the Unmaker introduced murder into the minds of people of this world, and though none can prove this it is believed that mortal minds are simply prone to thoughts of murder by nature. It is further alleged that Ugozte is actually an ascended mortal akin to Ilfander, et al – and that He was a longtime adversary of the Patrons given divine spark to continue that emnity in the time before recorded history began on Tinris.

Never a popular deity, by any definition of the word, the Unmaker is nonetheless widely known to the races of Tinris. While not worshipped per se, an offering is sometimes given before a major undertaking to propitiate Him. Those who do choose outright worship often do so in secret, working to subvert the advance of civilization and reason for reasons of their own or simply out of madness. Those who follow him openly are often powerful enough to work unopposed in their purpose, though it is likely that they will be brought low by Ugozte, as doctrinally the faithful of Anathema clearly hold that the wages of Chaos is fickleness and unpredictability. Non-followers repeat the adage that evil feeds upon itself when such a fall occurs. When Ugozte turns from one of His chosen, that worshiper finds themself disconnected from their divine power source, unable to offer forth any miracles beyond the most minor.

Ugozte’s followers consider madness to be a valid and acceptable mental state, and many seek the clarity that comes with insanity’s embrace. As such, formal rites of worship are unstructured at best and no vestments mark the follower of Civilization’s Bane. They are just as likely to be naked as clothed, and equally likely to wear the finest attire. The Unmaker is a Chaotic Evil Lesser Deity, dwelling in the Abyss. Ugozte’s portfolio includes, but is not limited to: Lunatics, criminals, revolutionaries and assassins. Domains: Chaos, Evil, Madness, Destruction. His holy symbol is a rough hewn sphere of stone and His favored weapon is the spiked greatclub.

Prayers, oaths and expletives invoking Ugozte often use destructive imagery, even in the giving of the rare benediction: “Fall of the heavens, Ugozte grant me strength.” “Be crushed under the weight of the bane of civilization, and be reborn.” “Anathema unmake you!”

No known holy places dedicated to Ugozte exist, though meetings of His followers usually occur in the ruins of a structure or a partially collapsed cave.

Ugozte’s avatar is rarely seen, but is horrific in the extreme when such a visit is paid. A lumbering Titanic humanoid form clutching a gargantuan spiked greatclub, He has been known to march across Tinris to quell the rise of civilization. The last such manifestation led to a conflict between Anathema and the Lawchild as the former sought to bring low a nascent Human settlement. Declared a victory by Ugozte, as the deities trampled the village in their struggle, this encounter has led to significant animosity between Joshua Lawchild and Ugozte lasting over the last century.

Ugozte’s Herald Messenger is an Archmage who for reasons unknown refuses to share his name. It is whispered that this Herald is from another world, and on the one occasion that someone survived the inquiry the Archmage replied with one word, “Sanctuary”.

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