Vicilicit Imperial Philosophy refers to the philosophy which is historically considered the more 'passive' or 'benevolent' when contrasted with Trerht Imperial Philsophy.


Vicilicit (vitch-EEL-itch-eet), from Traditional Yazri < Vicilakaicitaa "Yielding and Uplifting Gliding Teacher"

Basic TenetsEdit

The philosophy of Vicilicit, applied to goverance, roughly approximate what Human culture calls Benevolent Dictatorship or perhaps Benevolent Monarchy. It encompasses the mutable concepts of Noble Courtesy, Guidance and Stewardship.

Cultural RepercussionsEdit

  • Humanity - Referred to by Humans as "The Buddy Parent" philosophy, Humanity under Vicilicit Imperial rule responded by actively building relationships with Imperial Yazri and accepting guidance.
  • Boosts - Boosts uplifted during the Vicilicit Imperial rule trended slightly more rebellious, overall, than those later surveyed under Trerht Imperial rule. Nonetheless, Boosts enjoyed significantly greater population growth and personal freedom and therefore generally followed guidance after being encouraged an average 3.7 instances of positive reinforcement.

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