The Voidwar Provisions and Conscription Act of 1,524 Promise, commonly shortened Voidwar Provisions Act or further abbreviated V.P.C.A. is a piece of legislation drafted in the closing days of the year 1,524 Promise as a means to more rapidly respond to the growing domestic threat of Agents of the Void and the spread of Agency while ensuring that a return to pre-conflict diplomatic status would be possible.


In the days immediately proceeding the official declaration of hostility and declassification of threats by Admiral of the Fleet Mozdanhorzon, tensions on Tinris began to rapidly escalate. Rampant infighting, racial profiling and a massive upsurge in vigilantism became commonplace throughout the arcologies and other settlements of Tinris. It was this environment which was anticipated, at least in part, by the Admiralty and thus was drafted the V.P.C.A.

Sponsored by Admiral Samuel Zevulun and ratified by a majority vote of the sovereign nations of Tinris, the Act became fully effective on 300/1,524/Promise.

Basic OverviewEdit

The Act is built around a core group of provisions which allow for rapid military response, eleemosynary aid, tactical contingencies and a return to pre-conflict diplomacy. While much of the document is not publicly available due to internally redundant security measures, the portions directly pertaining to Tinrisian citizenry are provided here:

  • This Act allows for the semi-voluntary conscription of civilians based upon their unique skillsets and/or contributions to society at large. All such conscripts will be fully compensated for their time upon successfully discharging their duties and terms of service.
  • This Act allows for basic search on demand when duly authorized in pursuit of Agency.
  • This Act provides for eleemosynary aid in response to personal or societal need.
  • This Act allows for expedited and prolonged detention of any suspected of the presence, aid or abetting of Agency or Agents.
  • This Act prevents the full enactment of martial law save when deemed absolutely imperative by a unanimous vote of all affected governmental agencies.

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