The War of the Void, sometimes just called the Voidwar, refers to the currently ongoing hostilities between the Tinris World Navy, elements of the Tinris world government, seperate elements of the Persean Concord Navy, the unified forces under the banner of Naval Joint Command and Agents of the Void.

Major EventsEdit

The War of the Void may be considered to have started during an engagement between the crew of the WNS Bright Star (MD-01) and a Blightship under the control of Agents of the Void within the crystal sphere known as Baonspace. Little of this engagement is known beyond a basic outline of events. The Blightship was present when the Bright Star entered the sphere and during a routine landing on the Baontree this ship fired upon the Bright Star and her crew. It is hypothesized that the Baontree was suffering some sort of supernatural malady as a result of the actions of the Agents aboard the enemy ship. In a boarding action, the Agents aboard the Blightship were destroyed, followed shortly thereafter by the ship itself. It was in this boarding action that a full sweep of the ship found Cpt. Jonathan Thomasson, a Purifier of the Church of the Stars being held hostage by Agents.

Admiral of the Fleet Mozdanhorzon immediately called for a reinforcement of Baonspace and four Flare class vessels (WNS Beacon of Achievement, WNS Beacon of Distinction, WNS Beacon of Effectuation and WNS Beacon of Realization) jammed immediately in compliance.

Battle of RefugeEdit

The Battle of Refuge was the next major engagement and the first to earn the proper historical terminology "Battle". However, many historians consider the first proper engagement to have been the Battle of Isaacsphere in 1524/promise.

Battle of XephspaceEdit

The Battle of Xephspace on 628/1,523/Promise between Tinris World Navy vessels and Blightships represented the first engagement between fleet elements of the belligerent factions, and also began the process of a change in battle protocol which proved essential in future engagements.

Battle of IsaacsphereEdit

The Battle of Isaacsphere on 070/1524/Promise was the first truly definitive victory for Tinris World Navy forces. By a fortuitous chain of events, elements of the Champion's Second Battlegroup were able to jam without event to Isaacsphere - previously Ouiyanspace - and to stage a sneak attack of sorts on the enemy. By utilizing new boarding techniques, Commander Isaac Childson was able to effect an surpriingly effective detonation of ordnance while the majority of enemy ships were in formation. While the arrayed enemy fleet was scattered, the bulk of ACBG-05 was able to enact mopping up activities and capture three intact blightships.

Cultural Impact and RepercussionsEdit

The full impact of the War of the Void has already affected every individual Tinrisian as of the onset of the Era of Concord. Major changes include:

  • An increase in temporal powers for all law enforcement and military organizations, including the creation of the Tinris Bureau for Agency Detection and Defense (T.B.A.D.D.);
  • Seperation of faith, government and military on a global scale;
  • Mandatory citizenship and identification records for all Tinris natives, permanent residents and naturalized immigrants;
  • Mandatory registration of all spell-casters, will workers or supernaturally empowered persons and the creation of the Magically Active League (M.A.L.) to represent the rights of these individuals within Tinrisian society at large;
  • Multiply redundant surveillance of all public buildings, government and military facilities;
  • Far-reaching legislation to counter vigilantism and discrimination;
  • Most governments enacting a regional defense force or other standing military;
  • Most governments enacting provisions for martial law;
  • Provisions to ensure a system of checks and balances to prevent martial coup during times of martial law;
  • Mandatory contributions from all sovereign governments of Tinris to global defense and eleemosynary efforts;
  • Legislation to permit all military services (domestic and global) of Tinris to conscript;
  • Provisions to allow close air support to violate previous airspace restrictions;
  • Integration of Tinris culture with Persean technology and culture;
  • Creation of the Naval Joint Command to integrate the Tinris World Navy and the Persean Concord Navy;
  • Creation of the Tinris Order of Celestial Purification (T.O.C.P.), to allow training in the abilities of the Persean Church of the Stars while maintaining allegiance to Known Space native organization;
  • Immigration of adherents, clergy and laity of the Church of the Far Wanderer, Celestian and the inclusion of same within the Reformed Planar Pantheon of Tinris;
  • Purgation and reformation of the Church of the Dalerunner after conclusive demonstration and confirmation of Her demise;
  • Doctrinal reformation of the Greenfoot faith to integrate portions of the Dalerunner clergy and laity;
  • Addition of Nicholas Greenfoot to the Reformed Pantheon of the Patrons of Tinris;
  • Racial integration of previously Elven Arcologies T'bomiex and T'lassas;
  • Improvement of Elven societal status, steady decline in anti-Elven racial violence;
  • Decline in Halfling societal status, rapid increase in anti-Halfling racial violence;
  • Classification of countless documents created during the course of events and re-classification of a significant number of previously declassified military and intelligence documents under the Global Defense and Integrity Act;
  • Highly increased interest in the scientific fields of: Nontraditional Intelligence, Sociology, Communications and Computer Technology;
  • Increased presence of Nontraditional Intelligence Units in Tinrisian society;
  • Significant growth in the personal and professional security industry;
  • Disintegration of the government heretofore known as the Consociationalist Sovereign Democracy of Allkind and dispersal of the populace inhabiting B'sesuat Arcology;
  • Reclamation of lands and structures attached to B'sesuat Arcology;
  • Construction of the Exodus Fleet and subsequent emigration of 1.7 billion sophonts to a stated "semi-permanent status of wandering through Wildspace";
  • Massive earthworks project, dubbed Project Minelsryne, undertaken;
  • Great Works Projects retasked to provide multiply redundant orbital and system defense - dubbed Project Preemptive Rival - resulting in significant changes to orbital mechanics of Tinris and its satellites;

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