Wildspace Fleet Formation refers to the spacing, placement and tactical positioning of a fleet of spelljamming vessels during travel. It also, despite the use of the word Wildspace, refers to such formations within the Phlogiston.


During the considerable history of the Tinris World Navy's service, many formations, strategies and implementations for movement and combat have been adopted and discarded as theaters of combat, reasons for projection of force and other tactical factors have changed. Third Admiral Haraldur Kunala is documented to be the first to use the term and also to implement such a formation during the early years of the Third Inhuman War.

Modern ImplementationEdit

During the peace of the last Era, Wildspace Fleet Formation has grown arguably lax in its implementation. While drills and task groups are called on a regular basis, the price for error has not been demonstrated. Military discipline is observed only in the breach. Even so, the modern World Navy maintains battlegroup precedence to reflect the last standing orders given by Admiral of the Fleet Kunala over 10,000 years previous.

Adaptation to Recent Tactical ChangesEdit

In the wake of the recent Massacre of Xephspace and subsequent Battle, the concept of Wildspace Fleet Formation has once again surged into the fleet's (and the Admiralty's) consciousnesses. In one engagement, the enemy demonstrated the pitfalls of coordinated strike tactics that have been in place since the closing years of the Third Inhuman War. Tactics which were highly effective against Tinris' enemies then resulted in the deaths of hundreds of spacehands and officers. Admiral of the Fleet Mozdanhorzon has called for immediate revisions to World Navy combat protocol.

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