The World Navy Shakedown Procedure, often just shortened to 'shakedown', refers to a set of practices, procedures and traditions associated with the initial service period for a spelljamming vessel of the Tinris World Navy. While there are a finite number of well-documented steps to shakedown, the process itself varies in length between six and twelve months.

Basic OverviewEdit

The Drop TestEdit

The main foundation of shakedown is a high-intensity series of take-offs, orbits and landings. Called the 'drop test', this is normally the very first step in ensuring the structural integrity of a vessel. The 'drop test' also serves to teach the helmsperson - often a first time 'jammer - the rigors of rapid changes in environment, speed and heading.

The Fire TestEdit

This test is always conducted within the confines of a crystal sphere, and involves a lengthy combat simulation with full consequences. While all ships receive some damage, most are only minimally harmed and return to the shakedown within seven to ten days.

The Pull TestEdit

The 'pull test' consists of a smaller spelljamming vessel towing the shakedown vessel through a variety of simulated emergency conditions. Done without an operating helm, this test begins with the vessel being towed from the Phlogiston through an aperture and back to the primary world of the sphere. As this is a lengthy endeavor, it is almost always the final step in certifying a vessel as spaceworthy.

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