Wyrmspace is a Crystal Sphere within Known Space discovered by the Tinris World Navy in 3/Concord. It is approximately 215 Standard Jamming Days outbound distance from Tinrisspace, with a return trip estimated at 450 Standard Jamming Days. It is this isolation from standard Spelljamming lanes that allowed it to remain unknown well into the modern Spelljamming era.

First ContactEdit

As might be expected when working with creatures considered not only mythical, but in many cases monstrous, the peoples of Known Space were very timid upon the initial discovery that this very distant sphere was populated entirely by dragons. Spelljamming itself was a complete surprise to the natives of Wyrmspace, at first considered an interesting diversion. Within one year, however, a push was underway for Wyrmspacers to make their way out into Wildspace.

While amicable trade was established with ease, cultural exchange between existing Tinris-allied races and the dragons of Wyrmspace is more protracted and requires a great deal of intricate diplomacy. Spelljamming helms were soon traded, but only with carefully worded contract law to prevent both runaway expansion and to ensure cultural exchange at a level above 'servitor' to the dragons.

Impact of ProphecyEdit

Perhaps more surprising to the Tinris World Navy's first contact team was the reaction of the dragons to any mention of prophecy. During the second round of diplomatic talks, a casual mention of Tinris' Era of Prophecy resulted in an almost immediate diplomatic backlash where a number of gathered gold, green and brass dragons fell into a trance very similar to those found during that Era. While this was originally believed to be a form of mockery, it actually was a manifestation of the Seer's Plague having found a new target. Over the next thirty days, hundreds of prophecies were presaged and the Tinrisian delegation was forced to admit that they bore some responsibility. In the end, however, ten dragons of each type swore themselves and their entire lineages to service 'in perpetuity to those bringing our kind to the Rainbow Sea'. This has had the direct result of an order of chivalry bonded to these sworn and duly bonded dragons, Tinris' Darastrix Gavir (Dragon Order).

Assimilation to WildspaceEdit

While permeation of Spelljamming culture is an ongoing process, the construction of Spelljamming ships capable of carrying a creature as large as Wyrmspace native dragons (which is to say, dragon-sized) has proven challenging at best. Linked major helms have allowed an increase in ship size and dragons themselves have demonstrated the necessary spellcasting aptitude required to helm such a ship.

Wildspace FeaturesEdit

The Wildspace within Wyrmspace's Crystal Sphere is scattered with a variety of celestial bodies. Most important to those entering from the Flow, however, is the thick band of asteroids roughly one Standard Jamming Day (SJD) from the Sphere. Once past this treacherous navigational hazard, however, the massive expanse of six planets and three fire bodies in an intricate orbit is revealed. Scholars of Wildspace have determined that the interlocking orbits of the six planets indicates that the asteroid field was formed from the destruction of a seventh, significantly larger, planet.

Of the six remaining planets, only four are inhabited. The orbital period of the sphere seems to favor a strange symmetry, with each fire body having two orbiting planets. These fire bodies themselves proceed throughout the sphere in a circular fashion as well, maintaining an ecliptic plane of rotation.

The native terms for the celestial bodies of Wyrmspace, translations of same to the Common tongue, descriptions using Wildspace standard terminology and basic gazeteer information are provided here.

  • Itmen Opsola (Bright Father) - a large yellow fire body, providing light and heat for two habitable planets.
  1. Qanescir Okarthel (Shining Home) - a garden world which is home to a population of nearly fifteen thousand metallic dragons. No chromatic dragons are known to be native to Qanescir Okarthel, though with interplanetary travel, a few have relocated there for a variety of reasons. Native fauna appears to reflect a temporally distant contact with the planes Mount Celestia, Arborea and Elysium. Blink dogs roam in massive packs on the central plains of the northern continent; celestial creatures of nearly all kinds can be found living in harmony with one another, though the understanding of natural laws seems to suggest that herd animals do serve as food for predators where necessary.
  2. Hesi Treskri (Our World) - a mostly desert world which is home to a population of nearly sixteen thousand chromatic dragons.

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