Xeph is the native self-identifying term for a race of people once native to the crystal sphere Xephspace.

Physical CharacteristicsEdit

Xeph resemble, to a large degree, Wildspace standard Humans. The primary points of divergence are numerous, but most pronounced and easily noticed is the presence of strong coloration not found in Humans. In this regard, Xeph resemble most closely a modern Tinrisian Gnome and there has been much debate as to the possibility that Xeph have some trace of Gnomish ancestry. The full spectrum of coloration found within Tinrisian Gnomes are also manifest within the Xeph race, though most Xeph tend to show multiple colorations in a single individual whereas most Gnomes show a unified color with variation in shade. The Xeph bodytype tends to emphasize lithe athleticism over dedicated strength, though Xeph show strong individuation in this regard.

Beyond these immediately apparent physical distinctions, Xeph also have improved visual faculties and are able to see quite clearly in the absence of light, though as with many species with this ability they lack the ability to perceive color in such conditions.

Additionally, Xeph have the ability to sprint at exceptional speed for limited stretches. Xeph prove to be highly dextrous, though such a benefit carries a roughly analogous loss in strength.

Psionic AbilityEdit

Xeph as a race show a much greater tendency towards innate psionic talent. Where the average rate of innate talent in races fluctuates depending on many factors, the average among Xeph shows a remarkable 1 in 4 are born with at least minor innate talents. Many Xeph tend to channel their talents into a martial discipline and a great number choose to manifest psionic blades as a preferred weapon in melee.

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