Yazri culture refers to the culture, society and philosophies of the Yazri people of the Perseus Cluster.

Basic ObservationsEdit

The basis of most racial cultures is grounded in the evolution (whether natural or uplifted) of that race. The Yazri are, in this regard, little different from their other Persean races.

  • Having evolved from nocturnal apex predators, they maintain an efficiency of movement and society that mimics in some ways a pack of such predators. This has also led to a somewhat detached and aloof quality among Yazri who are socialized with other Yazri. Conversely, this chain of evolutionary-based behavior also provides the Yazri with the ability to detach reason from action and enter into a devestating - though rather physically demanding - fugue state rage wherein pain no longer is felt and outside distractions are shunted from the mind during short-range combat.
  • Additionally, this evolution from pack hunters has resulted in the still-present 'life enemy' rites of modern Yazri culture. By focusing the will, mind and body to combat - either physically or psychologically - a given adversary, a Yazri gains a seemingly preternatural advantage over anyone less focused.
  • A focus on available, fertile females which have been historically in short supply until the most recent three thousand years has resulted in the current matrilienal system of social hierarchy.
  • Being possessed of a markedly small fear response centers within the brain, Yazri tend to be rather fearless. This has also led to an undercurrent of racial rage and a predeliction towards physical expressions of emotion along the full spectrum of emotional response.
  • Being capable of short flights by way of their wingflaps, Yazri tend to think and express things in aerial analogy and metaphor. This has also led to Yazri being more visually oriented than aurally or kinesthetically as well as a strongly developed sense of proprioception.
  • With a highly developed sense of proprioception, the concept of personal space and territory is also very pronounced.
  • Many Yazri meditate in an inverted hanging position from an appropriately placed perch. With the species' common pedexterity, such feats are rendered trivial. This has also been proven to facilitate bloodflow to the brain of a Yazri, though full studies of the position's effect on cognition remain inconclusive.

Advanced ObservationsEdit

The refinement of racial culture is grounded in the application of their tools. (i.e. A culture with a heightened sense of curiosity regarding their environment is more apt to use tools to explore and thus to build a society based on exploration). It is by this logical extraction that the following observations are made.

  • Being perhaps one of the most naturally curious Persean races, second only to Humanity, has provided Yazri with a distinct cultural sense of wonder when encountering true novelty. To counterbalance this, however, Yazri encountering something that is passed off as novelty which is not novel trend towards varying degrees of dismissiveness, derisiveness or outright condescension.
  • Further expounding upon the race's deeply ingrained curiosity is a desire to tinker. Normally this takes the form of a creative endeavor (e.g. paleontological research, genetic research, etc.), however the more variant expressions of this fascination has led to other - more far-ranging - pursuits (e.g. fetishism, cult programming experiments, demolitions engineering, etc.)
  • From the race's first forays into racial uplifting, Yazri have developed what many other galactic races call a "Parental complex". The manifestations of this behavior vary widely, from one individual's desire to protect the perceived fledgling to another's dedicated campaign to develop the perceived fledgling's fortitude by exposing them to varying degrees of adversity and all points in between.
  • On a cultural level, most Yazri favor 'demonstrable results sciences' such as physics, mathematics and computer research over 'intangible results sciences' such as psychology, sociology and archaeology. While 'intangible results sciences' as listed above do provide results on a level equal to their 'demonstrable results' kin, it is the perceived purity of intellectual pursuit which drives Yazri in their chosen field of research.

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