Yazri Historical Revisionism refers to a memetic cultural phenomenon common throughout Yazri Imperial doctrine which, at its most basic levels was designed to encourage and preserve an image of nobility, rectitude and at times superiority.


The origin of Yazri historical revisionism is, by its very nature, difficult to trace. It is believed to date to the first Imperatrix, Dauyfit. What few documents survived the Yazri Empire's revisionist phase suggest that the primary conceit of revisionism was based on Dauyfit's personal feelings of insecurity and inferiority. With the finer strokes of history now lost, however, this is quite possibly a revision by an adversarial source.

Execution of RevisionismEdit

Yazri historical revisionism first set in with the purgation of information regarding the Yazri's own origins. Their evolution from nocturnal pack hunters native to Lusmerir Prime, the origins of their language, their inherent racial rage and any other such information were all wiped from every database and historical text - in some cases mass book burnings were quite common.

Cultural RepercussionsEdit

The main force of revisionism affected the Yazri very little. They existed atop within the confines of its network of partial truths and outright omissions. The other races, however, found themselves faced with an informational dilemma. How much of what was placed before them was true, and how much was merely propaganda?

Faith-based cultures, overall, were quick to accept Yazri as agents of deliverance during first contact encounters. Descending from on high in glittering vessels that could elevate the nascent race to such elevations, the Yazri were like unto the deities of some religions. The Yazri themselves accepted this near-worship in some cultures and kindled it in others. Boosts are the most common to fall prey to such thinking.

The more pragmatic the racial culture, the less willing to accept Yazri doctrine as fact. These cultures were better able to believe only what information they could directly observe, and for the most part enjoyed cooler and more diplomatic first contact encounters. Humanity was the first race encountered to fall within this broad category, though there were a sizable minority among the Humans who believed the Yazri their betters and sought to elevate them to near deific status.

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