Zhuspace is the native identified term for the crystal sphere containing the fire body Tàiyáng and the planets Xīn Xīwàng, Xīn Shēnghuó and Lóng Xíng Tiānxià. It is the home-in-exile to the Zhu people, an ethnic group of Wildspace Standard Humans whose ancestry has been lost to history.

History of the SphereEdit

Very little is known about the sphere's inhabitants prior to the Zhu arrival. Given the habitability of two of the sphere's three worlds, it can be surmised that either there had been inhabitants prior to the Zhu and that their fate is unknown or that the Zhu conquered the sphere's original inhabitants and have purged all records of such conquest in the years since.

Zhu InhabitationEdit

It is documented that the Zhu people fled their native home due to a world-ending catastrophe, though further information has been lost and/or surpressed in historical records.

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